Climate Change and Global Warming

Climate change and global warming have been the hot topics of the 21st century. The melting glaciers, species’ extinction, and rising earth’s surface temperature have scientists and even the laymen ponder and considering the way out of this drastic situation. This article reflects upon the aspects that have wrongly been framed and factors that have been blamed for instigating and catalyzing global warming.

The documentary, An Inconvenient Truth, was released in 2006, directed by Davis Guggenheim and starring Al Gore. This documentary was part of his presidential campaign to spread knowledge regarding global warming. AL Gore steps up and explains the occurrence of global warming, and how human beings have ruined the planet earth. He then moves on to warn people about the consequences that they may face in the future, and what steps must be taken to save the planet. His thesis is backed by certain facts and figures including;

  • Measurement of the CO2 by Keeling Curve, presented by the Mauna Loa Observatory
  • Before and after photographs of various glaciers retreating
  • A study conducted by researchers at the European Project for Ice Coring in Antarctica (EPICA) and the University of Bern, which revealed CO2 data collected from the Antarctic ice cores stating that it has reached the highest concentration level in the past 650,000  years.
  • The Instrumental temperature record that showed the 10 hottest years of all times occurred in the past 14 years. 
  • And certain surveys, conducted between 1993 and 2004 that suggested human activities to be the cause behind global warming.  

All these scientific evidence, facts, and data sum up to portray a strong case against human activities, nonetheless, some main points do need qualification, correction, or even updating the case has been made with. The current and past events have been utilized thoughtfully to build the argument, however accurate information that could have been gained from computer calculations has been reason behind this ignorance could be that common people find it hard to grasp, process or even believe such calculations and are unable to connect emotionally with the agenda. Resultantly, if weighs down upon current climate change events, among which some are not even related to the argument and upon the basis of others, reasoning cannot be given. So basically, barking up the wrong tree will result in slow human economic development, and impact upon freedom, yet not having any impact on climate change or global warming.  

The Truth about Global Warming.

As much as you want to believe, but global warming is not triggered by human activities. The industrial revolution brought with it a surge in production, resource utilization, waste production, and carbon emission. However, none of these factors can be targeted as instigators of global warming. The rise in temperature has all the natural causes behind it. Human production activities have been on the rise too the same goes for carbon emission, but the temperature rise has been the same that was before the dawn of these activities and revolution. 

To back this statement further, the degree at which climate waring has been surging is low. A research paper, published by professor Holland of the University of California, stated that from 1860 till today, the rise in earth’s surface temperature recorded is merely 0.6 degrees Celsius. Global warming has been through many phases all these centuries, however, humans cannot be solely held responsible in the fluctuation of its behavior since human activities have little concern with the climate and it is a natural process.   

What is the Main Cause of Global Warming?

Truth be told; human activities and the greenhouse effect have a certain connection, however, concerning valid data, not much of an impact of these activities has been noted on carbon dioxide emission and temperature. For instance, a research model came across the data that certified the impact of CO2 on the atmospheric temperature to be hardly from 1.5 – 4.5 or lower than that. To back this statement, it is also important to mention that change in CO2 is a natural phenomenon,which is always in flux. Certain aspects of climatic temperature like suspended particles can affect temperature since they have 3x the impact on climate change as compared to CO2. So if all these are not causing global warming or climatic change then what is? The answer to this question is the earth’s orbit around the sun. The sun is responsible for certain energies on the surface of the earth. Being the biggest star nearest to planet earth, the sun and its solar activities have a major impact on global warming, rather than humans.

What are the Consequences of Global Warming?

There are several positives of global warming as well.


The rise in temperature brings some benefits with it too, however, a better scientific attitude is required to deal with it. Global warming will result in better crops; since the longer, warm season is what the farmers look up to for better yielding. A study reveals that some crops are drought-tolerant and require a higher rate of carbon dioxide to grow better, during warmer conditions this chance doubles. Furthermore, with the loss of Arctic ice, the shipping commerce will revive and thrive with the inaugural of Northwest Passage.


The rapidly increasing global warming is not adaptable for life or better to say, not suitable for life to survive on earth. But for ages, humans have gone through evolution to acclimatize with the changing temperature and climate of the earth. The low process of temperature rise is still adaptable to humans, however, a sudden drop or shoot may be the harbinger of extinction.

It also comes with some bad news for the farmers; with warm weather come insects and pests, aggressive plant species, and weed, that thrive in such conditions. Water supply would become scarce in the agricultural lands and irrigation would slow down or eventually stop. So the positives of warmer conditions and more CO2 may turn out drastically in drought heat stress.

Scientific Consensus on Climate Change

Various scientific research and studies have shed light on this topic and certain hypotheses exist backed by in-depth research. In 2007, a group of 10 scientists belonging to 6 different countries gathered to release a study with the name, “Summary of Independent Decision Makers.” As per this study climate change is real and a naturally changing cycle, while the accusation of human hand behind its speedy impact is a mere hypothesis, at the moment. Then there are more studies like the “Leipzig Declaration” supported by over 80 scientists and ‘Heidelberg Appeal’, which has the approval of over 4000 scientists. This proves that even the scientific community is still doubtful and indecisive about accepting the hypothesis blaming human activity.  

What Can I Personally Do about Global Warming?

Not much can be done about it. We need to let the process of nature run its course. Interfering with the natural process will result in delayed human economic development. The natural process cannot be meddled with; it will be like trying to stop the rain and failing miserably.  So climate change should not be a problem, provided the science, technology, and economy are in progress.

Raise Environmental Awareness

This world is our home, and protecting its environment is not doing any favor to it by protecting it. This includes considering and assessing the ecological and ecological and environmental matters that need our attention, all the while dealing with human problems, practically and efficiently. The discussion over climate change is to linger as long as the time goes, however it cannot be altered. Other serious matters like water pollution, restoration of natural habitat, and population are more serious matters at hand nowadays.

What should We Do to Increase Awareness of Environmental Pollution?

This is the most important factor. If you can’t do anything about it, at least better not take part in it. Climate change is a very comprehensive matter that does need our attention. However, the academic community is of the belief that common people need to be aware of it and propose or partake in the solution. However, no consensus has yet been reached at, as to what steps humans should take to deal with this issue. With this blog, I wish to spread awareness about this issue, and how it should be dealt with scientifically. Open-mindedness is needed to treat this issue the right way.

Many will question whether the evidence provided by radical environmentalists should be relied upon or not? So the answer is ‘No’. That is because the evidence is usually not backed by authentic and accurate data, rather it is a provocative echo out of emotions and criticism against economic development of the state. They tend to persuade the laymen that economic policy and strategies are harmful to the environment. Blindly advocating their cause is neither wise logically nor beneficial for the society, since it raises negativity towards certain working communities.

The Last Words

To wrap it all up, any change that is too cold or warm is going to have an impact on human development, commerce, economy, and even infrastructure. Climate change and global warming are a naturally occurring phenomenon. Scientific data coupled with expert opinion forces the human mind to know the reason behind these phenomena; however, some things are better left alone and not interfered with. Rather than accusing human activities of global warming, it is better to carry on with the developmental projects and let nature run its course. There is no alternative to development, it is the requirement of the time we are living in. I hope this article will clear many of the doubts lingering in your mind.

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