Zero Waste Makeup 17 Green & Environmentally Friendly Brands

Why Use Zero Waste Cosmetics?

As concerns over the use of plastics and non-recyclable materials continue to grow, makeup lovers find themselves in a dilemma as most cosmetic brands are known to contribute towards generating tons of waste. The answer to this dilemma is to invest in companies that produce zero waste cosmetics. Zero waste cosmetics are important as they are made by keeping the environment in mind and pose no threat to our ecosystems and the planet.

The cosmetic industry contributed to making more than 142 billion units of packaging last year; most of these packaging items were not recyclable and take decades to actually decompose. A lot of the waste from cosmetic industries ends up in the ocean, whereas some part of it contributes to greenhouse gases that result in climate change. The cosmetic industry uses heaps of plastic; almost all of it ends up as waste and is not recyclable by most people. This poses a serious threat to our environment. Significant issues like these make the user wonder whether purchasing makeup from brands that damage the world we live in is worth it. Not only do customers pay a huge sum of money for a few products, but they also contribute to many issues such as global warming, animal cruelty, and ruining the oceans. Certain products that contain palm oil contribute to massive deforestation. This shows how the cosmetic industry is a major contributor to many of our environmental issues. Today, however, very little is being done to combat these problems.

If you wonder whether makeup from your favorite brands is eco-friendly, we have compiled a list of sustainable makeup brands that are eco-friendly and generate no waste when they design their products. This way, you no longer have to feel guilty about your choices. Zero waste cosmetics are important because they help reduce the waste produced by cosmetic companies. Big corporations need to take a stand and promote eco-friendly methods that do not damage our environment as large businesses often contribute the most towards greenhouse gases and carbon emissions. Many companies pay no attention to their carbon footprint; this lack of responsibility by the corporate sector has had adverse effects on our climate and the world we live in today.

Our Requirements for Zero Waste Makeup

As consumers switch to ethical makeup brands, certain things should be kept in mind while purchasing such products. Initially, the customer should check the ingredients of each product as many times the companies that market themselves as natural only do so to increase sales. As customers buy these natural products, they are unaware of the consequences these products hold on the environment. Therefore, checking beforehand is always recommended to the customer. This helps the customer understand whether the product they are purchasing is nature-friendly or whether the company uses the product as a ploy to increase sales.

Some of the requirements for Zero Waste Makeup are:

  • Product Packaging

Many zero waste makeup brands involve using no containers or packaging; if the packaging is provided, some brands prefer to refill the product in the same bottle or container after the customer has used it once. This reduces the number of plastic packaging items that these companies have to make. Other brands create packaging out of products that can be used for other purposes or can be recycled easily in the future; many of these products are also easily degradable; thus, they do not stay in landfills for hundreds of years like plastics.

  • Cruelty-Free

We come across a number of products that have been tested on animals and there is no greater cruelty than this. We use animals for testing products that are to be used by humans. These animals are subjected to allergies and difficult conditions so that humans can be saved from adverse reactions. Zero waste makeup should also be cruelty-free.

  • Vegan Products

Vegan products are made without using any animal products. Many people who choose to live a vegan lifestyle do not use anything that has either animal fat or any animal-related product. This is a more sustainable way of living and also has many benefits.

  • No Allergens

When you choose a zero-waste makeup product, you also need to make use that it would not irritate your skin in any way. People can be sensitive to certain perfumes and fragrances; these can cause severe allergies.

Some other requirements are:

  • Use of natural ingredients instead of synthetic ones
  • Built-in sunscreens in creams and lotions
  • Mineral-based products instead of chemical-based

Best Zero Waste Makeup – DIY Zero Waste Makeup

Now that you are aware of the importance and the need for zero waste brands in the market, it is important to know that you can easily make your own products at home as well. These homemade zero waste products are better than anything you can buy in the market, as they are natural and free from any chemicals or toxins that may ruin your skin. Homemade products can easily be classified as non-toxic makeup products. Making your own products is easy; we have compiled some tips to help you make your own products.

Eye shadow and eyebrow powder can easily be created at home using tapioca flour mixed with different ingredients like turmeric, carob, beetroot, and cinnamon. The tapioca flour can also be used for dry shampoos as well as making a homemade blush. Erin Rhoads, the author of a famous e-book titled ‘Waste Not: Make a Big Difference by Throwing Away Less,’ claims that she makes blush with cocoa, beetroot powder, and tapioca. These ingredients are available in bulks at local stores, thus making the zero-waste project even easier as they can be purchased in reusable containers instead of plastic or disposable ones.

Other than blushes and eye shadows, it is also possible to make mascara, eyeliner, and other beauty products at home as well. One can make mascara very easily using charcoal and coconut oil along with beeswax and bentonite clay. If a person does not want to use charcoal, they can opt for black mineral powder. Traditional mascaras damage the environment as they contain oxybenzone. Oxybenzone poses a serious threat to the environment as they have extensively damaged the barrier reef.

Many products that are available in bulks at supermarkets can form the base of your zero-waste makeup. Some common items that can be used for a variety of purposes include the beetroot powder that is used as a blush or a tint due to its soft pink color. Cocoa powder can be used in bronzers and dry shampoos. Beeswax can help in making balms and moisturizing products. Different essential oils can also be used to enhance the smell; these include lavender, lemongrass, and tea tree oil. Homemade deodorants can also be made using baking soda. Coconut oil can be used in a variety of moisturizing products. Aloe Vera gel can be used in many makeup and skincare products. These are just some items that can be easily incorporated to form products that suit your skin type. Making homemade makeup can be an interesting activity for you and you can try different combinations. DIY-ing makeup can be an interesting hobby that one can try at home.

Many companies that now make zero waste cosmetics started as a hobby and then turned into big ventures. This can be an inspiration to many people as they work towards making their own products. DIY’s can be fun, especially during quarantine and one can experiment with new products very easily. Other than this, making zero waste makeup at home can be a useful hobby and help save the environment as well. If you are not interested in making your own makeup, you can easily purchase makeup from many natural organic makeup brands that make zero waste makeup and offer the best quality for their customers. The next section covers a list of brands that make zero waste makeup. We have also mentioned their reviews to help you decide which one is the best for you.

17 Zero Waste Makeup Brands

1. Alima Pure

Sabrina Matthews

Alima pure has helped my skin so much, many other products would give me acne, but this one does not. I highly recommend it. Alima Pure is one of the most ethical makeup brands I could find on the internet. The company supports the environment and does not believe in animal testing. Other than this, the boxes are refillable and can easily be replaced. The people behind Alima Pure believe in less is more ideology and the products are created with minimal ingredients that suit all skin types and have amazing outcomes.

Their products have been my go-to lately and this also doesn’t make me guilty of using products that are bad for the environment.

2. Antonym Cosmetics

Sandra Smith

The wooden boxes that each product comes in are renewable; this makes me feel very good about the product. I love the blush and the highlighter; they last so long and are game-changers.

At Antonym, the company works to reduce the chemical content in their products. The raw materials come from responsible forestry. All makeup brushes by this brand are vegan and do not contain any animal substance; the products are also 100% cruelty-free. Their products have been reviewed in many magazines and have gotten stellar reviews and that is where I got the idea of using this brand.

3. Axiology

Debra Nolan

Their cream lip colors contain essential oils that have made my lips so much healthier; I am amazed by the products. They come at a very good price as well. This brand is known for its wide range of vegan lipsticks. The packaging for their products comes from trash and they empower women by providing them with jobs. Their lip crayons are made using only 10 all-natural ingredients; this is something that gives me the satisfaction of using natural products that are good for my skin.

4. Clean Faced Cosmetics

Jean Samuel

I got the zero-waste mascara and it works so much better than other high-end brands; it’s fairly reasonable compared to other brands as well and makes me feel like I am doing something good for the environment.

This brand is run by a woman on Etsy and has a number of zero-waste makeup items; these include mascaras, eyebrow gels, eyeliners, serums, and custom palettes. All products are vegan and cruelty-free. I cannot wait to try all their products.

5. Dab Herb Makeup

Julie Nygaard

I purchased body butter from this store, did not expect it to be so good. The lavender smells amazing and my skin is so moisturized.  The lasting quality of this body butter is something that I have not experienced with any other body butter.

This online store sells around 53 products that are made with natural ingredients and are organic. They also take custom orders and samples to ensure that all customer demands are met. What could I ask more from a makeup brand?

6. Dirty Hippie Cosmetics

Lila Anderson

The tea-tree oil has helped my blemishes so much; my skin is smoother than ever, and I couldn’t be happier with this store.

This shop is available on Esty and the seller is located in Australia. The shop has more than 30 thousand sales and all products are zero waste and vegan. The under-eye serum is also one of my favorites; there is nothing more satisfying then using products that are good for the planet as well.

7. Eco Minerals

Jasmine Yasin

My blush and bronzer are really great. I love the shades; they look very subtle and make my skin look flawless in photos.

This brand believes in individual action and in making choices that can save the world. They ship products without any plastic. The brand offers a wide range of products that includes gift cards, gardening items, and home goods. I’ve sent numerous products to my friends as well and they are equally happy with the products.

8. Elate Cosmetics

Mary James

Their beauty kits are the best; my eye color trio is organic, and the packaging is renewable. 5 stars to this brand for the conscious efforts they make.

This ethical brand believes that beauty is for everyone. Their products are not restricted to a particular gender or skin tone but are for diverse individuals. We need more brands like these that promote inclusivity.

9. Fat and The Moon

Sarah Lee

Their deodorants are the best ones out there. I can’t use another product because I love this one.

Fat and the moon was launched by a woman whose family has been natural healers for many decades. The products are all made with old recipes and the best ingredients to ensure that your body is healed and remains healthy. Buying from this brand also gives me the satisfaction of supporting a woman-led business.

10. ILIA

Lucy Brian

Their skin tint is the best; I first saw it in a magazine and decided to purchase it. I love the results and can never go back to using the high brand makeup that is so harsh on the skin.

This brand makes conscious efforts to find the balance between the best products, whether they are natural or synthetic. They aim to work towards sustainability while ensuring the best quality.

11. Keeping It Natural

Lara Mycroft

I tried the just peachy lipstick and it has lasted for almost 2 years. It’s really good and can be used for many different purposes, I personally also use it as a cheek tint, and it looks just perfect.

This shop has various lip colors that are bound to make sure you stand out. They have a wide range and the products last for years. The next thing I want to try is their mascara.

12. Kjaer Weis

Daria Ander

I purchased their eye shadows and really liked them; the best part is that the pan is reusable, and the company refills it. It helps me reduce my waste.

This brand believes in clean beauty and has been developed by a makeup artist who saw how many women got allergic to makeup products.

13. Plant Makeup

Sandra Miller

I adore how all the products look so natural instead of dramatic and bold. I have tested so many products from here and all of them are really good.  

Plant makeup is made with plants and flowers. These natural products are bound to make sure that all the products help you feel closer to nature.

14. RMS Beauty

Mayra Cazares

I used their face and body glow powder and it made my skin look so good. All my photos look amazing and I get so many compliments on my skin.

RMS beauty works to change how women wear chemical-based products and how it impacts their skin. The brand belongs to a celebrity makeup artist who wanted safer products for women.

15. Tata Harper

Robin Brown

I purchase many skincare products from Tata Harper; they play a key role in my skincare routine. The brand has elevated the skincare industry massively.

This zero-waste makeup brand is known for growing their own products. This makes each product natural and pure. Most of their items contain flower infused oil that is really good for the skin.

16. Urb Apothecary

Tara Brady

I tried their lip balms and they have all worked wonders. My lips have never been this good. For someone who had dry, chapped lips, their products worked wonders. My favorite is the charcoal scrub.

This brand is known for its plant-based products. It is located in California but has happy customers around the globe. The products are mostly aimed at healing the body.

17. Zao Organic Makeup

Rosie Peterson

The highlighter duo has great quality; it is vegan and 100% natural. It contains essential oils and can be used as an eye shadow and a blush. I love it, the products are really good for the price.

Zao has the best makeup products that are aimed towards achieving sustainable living. The products come with refillable packaging and are good not just for the skin but also for the planet. Eco friendly cosmetics should be invested in to reduce the environmental effect.

Final Remarks:

Zero waste is a goal that is achieved by rethinking our choices; when we choose to not buy from brands that contribute to global warming and produce tons of waste; we are making a radical decision to do better for our planet. Zero waste can be achieved if we start believing in rethinking our choices, recycling, reducing, reusing and repairing our old products. In trying to reduce the waste found in makeup products, one should look towards long-lasting and packaging-free brands that are also biodegradable. It is very difficult to find non toxic makeup these days and we hope this article can help you to a certain extent.

Just like industries need to switch to more environment friendly options, it is important for us as consumers as well to shop from brands that do not contribute to waste and try their best to create eco friendly cosmetics. Before purchasing from any brand, customers should check the brand’s policies and see if they are working towards less toxic, ethical, and natural products that do not harm the environment. This mindful purchasing on behalf of the customer allows companies that are actually working towards the common good to boost their sales and businesses. If customers become much more aware of companies contributing to carbon and greenhouse emissions, they can choose to purchase from better brands instead and help them grow.

At the end of the day, it comes down to the customer who has to decide whether the price they pay for their makeup or cosmetic products is worth destroying the environment for. If both companies and their clients take responsibility for their part, it can be easier to bring a green revolution to the world of makeup and promote eco-friendly cosmetics as an alternative to traditional cosmetic products.

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